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One program with all the necessary tools to manage your business, Taking orders Kitchen Monitoring, Stock Monitoring, and Advance Reporting. Works offline as well.

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The ultimate POS for Bar & Restaurant

Manage your inventory, service, data, staff, and customer relationships with a single technology

POS for Bars & Restaurants

All in One, with all the necessary tools to manage your business. We are the only company that delivers the full potential of the iPad as a POS, can bind and synchronize an iPhone or iPod as a handled device without servers, the iPad is the server itself.


The point of sale terminal (POS) Dual Link BaR has been developed and tested over the years under the most demanding conditions. Thanks to the logic proposed in the working processes of POS power and iPad versatility, you will re-gain and improve your business control. As a result, you will be able to focus on your main priority: “your customers”.

The waiter App

We have taken the most powerful light of technology and market and have developed an app that has been tested to become the perfect extension of a waiter.
Easy and intuitive. They learn to handle it from day one.

The Chef App

Knowing how to manage the “pass area” is key to the proper functioning of the dining room. Thanks to this application you will no longer need to use paper or wait until the waiter comes to the kitchen with the order commands to start preparing dishes.

Web Manager

With Dual Link Bar & Restaurant App, you set your own limit, regardless of your location you will be able to manage any task on the any time and from anywhere.

You will gain absolute business control. Any aspect or immediate requirements can be managed remotely avoiding the need to be present at the business premises.

Dual Link Retail POS software

Push sales and profit. Bring your retail business to the next level with Dual Link Retail POS software!


An intuitive interface and powerful features.

you are using a software system that sits at the leading edge of the industry. Regardless of the size of your business, whether you have one terminal or 100, you can rely on the versatility, accuracy, and ease of use of this remarkable software.

  • Easy to use – There’s no set-up or training and the software is pre-installed

  • 24/7 Support – Our technicians available by phone, email & remote access
  • All Your Data in One Place – your data is always accessible even without internet connection.
  • Customise Your System – you can customize your POS System using the manager we provide to you.
  • FULL-FEATURED POS – Perform traditional point of sale transactions (e.g. cash and carry, exchanges, returns, etc.) quickly and easily.


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