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One program with all the necessary tools to manage your business. We are the only company that delivers the full potential of the iPad as a POS and can bind and synchronize an iPhone or iPod as handled device without servers, the iPad is the server itself.


For Bars & Restaurants

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The only POS that integrates


For Bars & Restaurants

The point of sale terminal (POS) Dual Link BaR has been developed and tested over the years under the most demanding conditions. Thanks to the logic proposed in the working processes of POS power and iPad versatility, you will re-gain and improve your business control. As a result, you will be able to focus on your main priority: “your customers”.

With our program, all the options are possible being able to access all the different areas of your establishment, handle complete access to attend customer´s orders at any room; upon diners sitting you will be able to open their order command, move them to another table or a different area, combine or add them to another table or group of customer´s, etc. Additionally, the program icons will indicate and warn you of the most important stages of the order command, specific requests, preparation and kitchen timing, how long have the customers been unattended, payment, etc.

Advantages of POS Dual Link

Fast, simple and practical. Realtime synchronization and backups. Simple administration without complexity. iOS app, high availability.

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