Web Manager

With Dual Link Bar & Restaurant App, you set your own limit, regardless of your location you will be able to manage any task on any time and from anywhere. You will gain absolute business control; any aspect or immediate requirements can be managed remotely avoiding the need to be present at the business premises.

From the Dual Link Web Manager App web, you could:

Web Manager

The management is centralized and access is available from any device Change/insert/update prices and products while your staff is working with the POS
Send orders automatically to your most important suppliers. Save time and money! Export reports to Excel Manage all the relevant data regarding your business; revenue by product/type of payment/hour/ the worker, cash, credit card, customer debt…

Dual Link Web Manager is an application that can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone regardless of your location. You will gain absolute business control remotely handling any aspect or situation taking place at your local, avoiding the need to be present at the business premises.

Manage one or as many businesses as you may need.


Throughout the Dual Link POS App, the franchises would be able to set common product pricing or discounts, happy hours, special dish preparations, etc., for all the establishments and at the same time.

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