Control every aspect of your business

Advantages of POS Dual Link

Fast, simple and practical. Realtime synchronization and backups. Simple administration without complexity. iOS app, high availability.

Suitable for any business

A perfect fit for establishment of any size.


Restaurant POS

Retail POS


Flower POS



Bars & Restaurants

Sections for all professional profiles

The only POS that integrates

Waiter App

The POS in the palm of your hand.

More and better customer service

Automatic Synchronization, Compatible with portable printers via Bluetooth.The Kitchen and Bar will begin to work enabling waiters to continue serving customers in any area. Send your orders in full or partially according to what you want to serve first (starters, main courses, desserts…). The “modifiers” will help you inform the bar/ kitchen about any particular “preparation” for a dish. Know the status of your tables, busy or free, operations pending or in progress.

Chef App

The tool for chefs and head chefs

In constant synchronization with the POS system and the Waiter app, the Chef App keeps the Waiters up to date via the App on the status of the food. We are being carried out in real time and the order can be displayed in its entirety or divided into corridors, This is in the dinner area supervised by the chef.

Booking App

Manage all your bookings.

Different interfaces for each worker (hostess, RRPP, managers…)

Visualize real-time booking situation and Automatic synchronization.

Add your recurrent customer’s information or any other specifications so the waiters are aware (e.g. allergies)

Send messages to the kitchen or the bar so they can start getting ready.

Web manager

Control your business wherever you are.

The management is centralized and access is available from any device

Change /insert/update prices and products while your staff is working with the POS.

Send orders automatically to your most important suppliers.
Save time and money!
Export reports to Excel
Manage all the relevant data regarding your business; revenue by product/type of payment/hour/ worker, cash, credit card, customer debt…

Stock App

Finnaly you can really know “what sell”

Supported bar code scanners.

Manage your stock products.

View packing lists and the inventory.

See how many units of each product you have.

Real time synchronization with other Dual Link apps.

“We have gained efficiency and communication with the kitchen. Granaino I am, and I’m talking to my countrymen very well for this program to reach my land soon ”

- Jose Casares, Manager; Canalla Plaza Restaurant, Alicante.

“We attach great importance to the image of our local and we love and helps us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Besides, what I can say to be able to control everything? We do a lot with this program cocktails and now it is no real control of stock and escandallos. We are very happy!”

- Omar Tawfiq, Owner; Twenty 04 Surf Cafe, Tenerife

“I find it fantastic. It has solved many problems and recommend it to all my guild mates in Murcia”

- Maye Maiquez, Owner; Restaurant Vox Populi, Murcia

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