Retail App

Dual Link retail system (POS) has been developed and tested over the years under the most demanding conditions.

DL- Retail App

DL- POS is the only software needed to run your entire business operation, simplifying and automating many day-to-day operations, all from the comfort of your iPad.

Retail App Tabs

Control every aspect of your business with just one finger and without the need of having an internet connection

Order Tab

The main screen which includes the products and product categories where the worker can log in and handle the sale orders in a fast way.

The staff can proceed for new sale order in a very smooth and simple way by clicking at the product which they need to sell.

Workers Tab

Workers screen tab shows List of the worker on the system,  and the ability to add/edit/delete their accounts easily.

Cash Desk Tab

Cash desk screen allows you to see all the latest sales orders at the system.

You can also filter them based on the workers, In case you click at the worker photo, It will show all the sales order made by the selected worker.

Administration Tab 

Administration tab: Its allow the responsible user to control everything related to the POS system including products, clients, workers, stock, reports etc..

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