Waiter App

We have taken the most powerful light of technology and market and have developed an app that has been tested to become the perfect extension of a waiter.Easy and intuitive. They learn to handle it from day one.

Waiter App

For Bars & Restaurants

The POS in the palm of your hand

In Handheld Dual Link Bar & Restaurant offers on all the functionalities of POS Dual Link, adapted for a smaller device. Its interface and size are perfect to take notice and take any action with one hand. The iPod Touch is a powerful, lightweight, inexpensive and easily replaceable device.

Less forgetfulness and more efficiency. Better customer service:

“Modifiers” will help to inform kitchen/bar any particular “way of cooking”. ¿Modification on a plate after marching the commands? The kitchen sends a message from the Waiter app.

Make payments and print directly on the Waiter app, increasing service productivity. The accounts come second after being ordered and can be folded tables quickly.

4 clear icons, practical and intuitive icons.
All you need to serve your customers.

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