Dual Link is a company with a young spirit created in mid-2014, a leader in the NICT sector and specialized in the development and integration of software and hardware, which allows us to provide our customers with fully integrated solutions.
Our main branch of development is the creation of solutions for the management of a commercial establishment for sale to the public. Currently, it has complete tools for Bar&Restaurants, Retail, and Hotels.

When we started our company we were just 4 friends with the same goal – bring technology to everyone. Today we have over 20 people in our team and we are still growing. Employees and partners working every day to deliver the best technology in the best form.
Our goal is to provide professionals with powerful management tools, easy to use and intuitive, that solve their problems regardless of size or business model, adding value thanks to the best technologies on the market.

Our Regional Partners

Dual Link Middle East is a partnership between Dual Link and Encloud DMCC. Encloud DMCC is the sole distributor of dual-link software in the GCC, Levant and North Africa. If you want to become a reseller in any of these regions contact info@encloud-me.com or visit Encloud website for more information.

Innovation. Simplicity. Security.

We focus mainly on creating technological innovation for your specific business needs.

At first we have centralized within the Hospitality sector in order to reinvent the Point of Sales Terminal Use and Execution.

We are in the constant search and development of technological solutions that would drastically improve and facilitate the management in the Bar & Restaurant industry.

Our iPad Application, Dual Link B&R, was embraced and born within this philosophy.

Our objective is to develop an efficient technology to service our client needs.

Without any doubt our clients are the most valuable asset we possess, along with our human team.